LSS was established in 1986th as a laboratory of the Institute for Electronic Systems and Information Processing, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Zagreb. In addition to scientific research and higher education services, LSS services are, for more than twenty years, used by the economy, budgetary and non-governmental services.



1987th - we have built the first diskless UNIX computers in the world

1991st - we started Internet creation in Croatia, and CARNet also

1994th - we designed the first national broadband computer network

1995th - we participated in preventing the first great international hacking attack

1997th - we held the first lecture remotely via a computer network

2000th – we implemented GSM and GPRS billing system to Austrian mobile operator

2002nd - we designed the first gigabit local network in Croatia

2004th - we established a research team for advanced detection of security vulnerabilities in computer systems


Sprang from our ranks are:

  • Minister of Science and Technology
  • Assistant Minister of Science and Technology
  • The Rector of the University of Zagreb
  • Vice-Rector of the University of Zagreb
  • Science advisor to the President of Croatian

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