Palette of services that we offer to ours costumers can help them to ensure and keep wanted level of security. We provide required organization, technical and educational services.

Security management

Security information management of an organization is processing trough defining required politics and documents, rising employment’s and manager’s conscience, establishing of system and conducting corresponding measurements. Today there is variety of standards that help in it.

Security testing

It is necessary to perform system security testing after establishment of system or part of the system, and after every change in information system. It can be done by internal department in organization or specialized external consultant. LSS is independent, external consultant whit 15 years of experience in testing of information system security.

Protection of information systems

Protection of information system starts whit his planning, and ends whit configuration and testing of system. Besides that, LSS can even lead entire project of establishing and improving of protection.

Incident response

If you had security incident or you suspect that something isn’t properly, our forensic team will test complete system and find pattern, if they exist. After that you should project system improvement, apply it and commit security testing.


Standard and custom education programs for managers, computer scientists and other employments, in form of short lessons, half-day or daily seminars, workshops, e-learning and blended learning.

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