There's no need for the upcoming SHA-3 standard?

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) is set to announce the winning hash algorithm that ultimately will become the next-generation industry standard, SHA-3.


The tenth anniversary of Hack in the Box Conference

This year’s conference titled "Hack in the Box is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This major event about security of computers and their users will take place in Kuala Lumpur, in the capital city of Malaysia.


New cryptographic interface for Internet browsers

Organization for internet standards, the World Wide Web Consortium, short W3C, is introducing a draft of a cryptographic application programming interface, or short API.


New York Times becomes the victim of a series of cyber attacks

On the 30th of January, the New York Times announced it was the victim of a  series of cyber attacks. According to officials reports, the New York Times believes the reason for the attack was the recent inquiry into the Chinese prime minister Wen Jimbao. Specifically, it was discovered that the attackers wanted to reveal the names of sources that provided information about the prime minister.


Researcher looks for bad guys in cyberspace

Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jeremy Wendt is working on a process for detecting targets of nefarious emails. Their web site receives tens of thousands of requests daily. Wendts goal is to lower the number of visits an analyst need to analyze. His ultimate goal is to be able to spot spear phishing attacks. Namely, Wendt developed an algorithm which is able to separate request generated by web crawlers and ones generated by human visitors. He believes his work can significantly improve security by allowing analysts to look at requests separately. The official news report is available here.

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