Professionalism, privacy and  compliance procedures are crucial features in the informatics security.

With regard to the potential sensitivity of information, we cannot disclose names and service of the organizations that we service.

Our clients are:

  • Some of the largest banks in Croatia,
  • Government ministries and other bodies,
  • Large food industry organizations,
  • Large transportation organizations,
  • NGOs and political organizations,
  • a range of SMEs.

In case that the name of our client and service we provided is crucial to your decision to make business relationship with LSS, we can put you in direct contact with our client that is corresponding to your profile.

On your request and with your written permission, we will disclose your name and type of wanted service to our client whit request to contact you and give you information of our team and services that we provide. Please, notice that our client doesn’t have to contact you.

The same level of privacy and the same way of working will be included in protection of your data, if you become our client.


LSS Security is also more than a decade long CERT's (Computer Emergency Response Team) partner at CARNet (

We prepare daily advisories,

white papers about information security,

and test security of academic organizations.

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