authentication on what is in person's mind

It is long been known that an authentication can be performed based on what a person:

  • has
  • is
  • knows

or a combination thereof.

There is a number of applications or situations when what person has or is cannot be used or is very unpractical.
In the field of knowledge based authentication (KBA), there is a range of properties that could be used.

In our research we have broadened it and defined as “Personality based authentication - PBA” which consists of:

  • knowledge based authentication
  • skills based authentication
  • attitudes based authentication
  • personal styles based authentication.

In our research we are seeking ways to enable authentication on what is in person's mind and cannot be neither stolen nor given away even when forced to. In particular, the authentication would be resistant to:

  • every kind of eavesdropping/wiretapping of communication, authentication server or access device
  • breaking into authentication server
  • forcing the person to give away the password.

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