DDoS weapon has a weak point

DDoS toolkit for Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks by the name of The Dirt Jumper is not unstoppable.

This toolkit is designed for an attack that uses an army of compromised computers that are than used to attack websites and to disable normal access to them. Many websites have felt the power of this toolkit, but they can finally sigh because there is a cure. Security experts from Prolexic have found a flaw in the toolkit and have found a way how to stop and protect form such attacks. Prolexichave found a way how to access a database that has information about all the computers that are currently used in the attack. With this information it is relatively easy to stop an ongoing DDoS attack. Attackers often use this kind of attacks in order to show their superiority by exploiting website flaws. They tried to do this with this toolkit, only this time their own flaws in the toolkit are the reason and a cure against their attacks. The Dirt Jumper toolkit consists of various other tools that also have numerous flaws that can be used to protect form their attacks. More information can be found at TheRegister web site.

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