Giant DDoS attack lasted for 150 hours

Incapsula announced that they noticed an unusual DDoS attack on its own infrastructure. The attack was aimed at one of their clients, who remain unnamed. Although this type of attack is quite common, the characteristics of the attack are somewhat interesting. Unknown assailants carried out the DDoS attack for a period of 150 hours, and the used over 180,000 different IP addresses.

According to Arbor Networks statistics, DDoS attacks have an average size of 2.64 Gbps traffic, which is an increase of 78% from the previous year. Also, 87% of DDoS attacks last less than one hour, which makes the duration of this attack quite extraordinary. Additionally, the attackers used the popular Phantom JS library, which is used for testing web applications. More precisely, the library can simulate real users that interact with the application and thus enable more efficient testing. Using this library, it is difficult to detect which requests came from legitimate users and which are part of the DDoS attack. More information is available on the website Dark Reading.

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