Google gives away money for finding Chromium flaws

Google announced that they are giving away money to everyone that can find and document some sort of security flaw in their web browser from Chromium project.

Chromium project is open source project that Google uses for developing their Chrome web browser. Those that can find a full Chrome exploit will be rewarded with 60000$, those that can find a partial Chrome exploit will be rewarded with 50000$ and those that can find a flaw that isn’t directly related with Chrome, but uses Chrome for its exploits and can be used for some malicious acts, will be reworded with 40000$. This is very interesting way to improve some software. Google usually spends more money on advertising and marketing for such software, and with this winning prize fond they are spending al lot less. Also this is a very cheap way to improve software and to make it more secure, more desirable and more competitive on web browser market. Original news was published at TheRegister web site.

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