NIST plans a new encryption standard

National Institute of Standards and Technology, or short NIST, plans to put out for public review a new encryption standard.

With it, after its approval and completion, federal agencies will be forced to update their websites. Usual period for this adaptation is usually about 6 months after its approval. Current standard is TLS 1.0, short for Transport Layer Security. NIST plans to put a new version of TLS 1.1 and 1.2. Most of the federal web servers cannot use this new TLS without proper software. Therefore they will have to be replaced with the new web servers that could use this new standard freely. NIST also believes that it would be better if there was a mutually authenticated TLS which would require the use of Personal Identity Validation, or short PIV, cards. There are little users that use this high security cards and systems, but with this new standard, federal agencies would have access and greater use of this high security. More information can be found at ComputerWorld web site.

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